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AnneKarin Glass

AnneKarin Glass

Artist Statement

These three paintings seemingly are very different from one another. The factors that influence the appearance of the finished work are the amount of time I work on the piece, whether or not have a model and the medium/substrate. Smoking is oil on canvas, a product of my invention and took weeks to finish; Siren I is oil on paper and was painted in response to a model’s four minute pose; Thinking is caran d’ache on paper, painted in response to a model’s 20 minute pose.

All of my work starts as a gesture like Siren I, a spontaneous visceral response to a stimulus. The stimulus can be a model before me, a memory, or something imagined. The gesture tells the emotional story; it is the feeling, the essence; it is what the picture is about. After the gesture the medium insinuates itself into the artistic statement. I build my oil paintings in many layers of various thicknesses and many colors before finishing with highlights and deepest shadows. The painting dries for a couple of days between layers. Caran d’ache is a water soluble crayon. I use it both wet and dry during a three hour modeling session. The drips are accidental. The poses range from one minute to an hour, depending on what the group of artists decides. The longer the pose, the more detailed and finished the picture.



The Word

Sun Worship

Into the Light

Thinking Hair


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