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Timon Sloane

Timon Sloane

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About Timon

California painter Timon Sloane is known for luminous contemporary landscapes that glow as if lit from within. Rather than simply documenting scenes, Timon's goal is to capture the experience and full emotional impact of spending time at each individual location.

Artist's Statement

It was years before I understood what drew me so intensely to painting the landscape.

I never planned to become a full-time artist.  First I painted as a creative outlet while I worked in high-tech.  Then I became drawn to the challenge of rendering objects with paint.  Once I could replicate what I saw, I came to realize I wanted something more.  I wanted to capture something beyond a photo-like reproduction of each subject.

I started to venture outside to paint plein air in the hope that it would help loosen my painting style.  Before I knew it and for reasons I didn’t fully understand, painting landscapes on location became an obsession.  I became engrossed in the pursuit of capturing more than the mere look of a location, but what it felt like - the full experience of being there.

Then came my “ah-ha” moment: I read that a walk in nature can elevate one’s mood as powerfully as antidepressants.  I realized that I had been drawn to plein air painting as a means of  exploring the powerful experiences one can have spending time away from ‘civilization’.

There is a harmony in nature.  The wilderness offers far more than just beauty and tranquility.  Nature provides us with an inexplicable form of rejuvenation.  This is why so many of us use weekend hikes and vacations to remote locations to counteract the effects of our modern lives.

Through my artwork I strive to interpret and capture just a bit of nature’s revitalizing power. With each new painting, I hope to preserve and pass on a small taste of nature’s energy, and I am honored when others connect with my interpretation and are moved by my work.

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